Rug Cleaning

Art Deco Collections Inc. offers you the highest quality standards for rug cleaning in Chicago. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we offer the best cleaning for every type of rug. When cleaning, we ensure that the rug is cleaned individually by taking into consideration the country of origin, material, and age of the carpet. We determine the optimal procedure for cleaning and drying in order to offer the best treatment for your rug.

Repair & Restoration

We at ‘Art deco Collections Inc.’ competently repair and restore all types of carpets. With having many years of expertise and experience with the professional service of rug repair & restoration the beautiful precious rugs are preserved to their original shine.

Cleaning, Repair and Restoration FAQS

Rugs need special care and they need to be carefully washed with hand. Please allow us 2-3 weeks to properly clean the rugs.

Yes we remove most stains. Stain removal has to be done by professional and every individual rug is different, this will be accessed by the professional during the pickup of the rug.

Whether its one rug or multiple. We charge   $75 for pick up and delivery in most areas. For remote area over 20 miles there will be an additional $45 service charge.

Yes, we provide all kinds of rug repair service. Since every rug is different , we can provide the labor cost by seeing the rug, you can also send the picture of the rug to get an idea about pricing.

Our service is provided within 35 miles radius of Chicago land.